dimarts, 9 de juny de 2009

Reason 18: EUROPEAN SARDANA or The only way to defend our interests in the European parliament as any other European country

An independent state with 7 million inhabitants (Catalonia has 7,5 million from last week) has got approximately 17 parliamentarians.
Catalonia will have only 7 parliamentarians. This is way below what will belong to us when we are an independent state.
Not only if we compare the amount of parliamentarians with those of independent states we have a very low rate of representation in the European Chamber. Also if we compare Catalonia with other Spanish autonomous communities Catalonia has way too few.
You can check it out here (only in Catalan):


No wonder, all people who voted PSC-PSOE were actually voting for Spanish parliamentarians, not for Catalan parliamentarians, as the Spanish parliamentarians of PSC-PSOE have priority above the Catalan colleagues and so the Spanish ones are the ones who will actually move to Brussels.
Obviously this problem will only be solved the day that Catalonia becomes an independent state. 17 parliamentarians will defend our interests much better, not to mention that as an independent state we will have a voice with as much power as any other state. As for now, Catalonia is like a province and has no power what so ever in the decisions taken by the European Union, which is a union of states, and therefore Catalonia again does not exist.
Obviously this is a very important tool to defend our interests and with no doubt (unfortunately) I have to say that Spain never has and never will defend our interests, the contrary.

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Jim Morrison ha dit...

Hola amic,
Nice blog. It's good for me because I need to start thinking about the politics of Catalonia and Spain as I am going to live in Catalonia next year. Also I am learning Catalan.
Que vagi be,

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

Thanks Jim! Gràcies!
Si noi, la cosa està que rebenta.
Malgrat tot Catalunya aguanta, però quant de temps podrà aguantar?

Donyet ha dit...

I don't understand why so many Catalans still don't bother voting, especially when their future as a people is at stake.

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

Hi Donyet, I must say I don't understand it myself either.
What I know is that the traditional parties might say to be pro-independence but then, when in power they don't seem to do anything in that direction at all.
And Catalans pro-independence do not know who to vote any more.
Not to vote some might see it as a way to protest, to show that they do not trust the politicians. Obviously Catalonia has a growing population pro-independence but we do not see a serious party responding to this demand as yet.
I know it will come. I don't know when, but it will. And then they will become a big party. The traditional parties are more busy with ensuring their personal lives than fighting for an independent Catalonia. I think they are also afraid of Spain, assuming that Spain has the power, and do not dare do anything 'against the Spanish Constitution'.
At the moment we have no alternative party that seriously makes a step towards achieving independence. We need a person such as Alfons Lopez Tena to do this.
Alfons Lopez Tena is a great man, but as long as he does not make the step into politics he is nothing more than that. I think we need someone like him for people to be interested in voting again. With the politicians we have now (just fighting like children, not doing serious stuff) many people don't think voting is a wise thing to do.
that is the only thing I know about this.

Donyet ha dit...

I agree about Alfons Lopez Tena, I think he would make a great Catalan leader. He has an intelligent and determined approach which makes for a good leader.

Donyet ha dit...

I was looking at Santiago Espot for a possible infusion of fresh leadership and a new Catalan political party, but have been disappointed. He seems too hot-headed and strikes me as a person with too much ego, which usually gets in the way of leading in an effective manner. Of course I could be wrong.

Have you heard of this guy? What do you think of his political party?

Donyet ha dit...

I've been impressed by the number of people that Joan Carretero has been able to attract to his talks. This is another Catalan politician that might have a future if he can hold on.

What do you think of this guy as well?

PS: sorry for all the questions, I am just curious.

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

I never heard Santiago Espot speak. The same with Carretero. So I went to Youtube and found out a bit more about both.
I don't disagree with what Santiago Espot says. The problem is that Espot in his speeches is perhaps a bit too emotional.
Alfons Lopez Tena has this fabulous ability to have always an objective and efficient answer without becoming emotional with the issue.

My feeling about Carretero is that there is too much silence. I don't hear anything about this guy. Also in Youtube you cannot find anything recent about him. So, I haven't got any opinion about him.

I read that he wanted to create an own party, but never heard more about this.
At the moment we haven't got any leader who seems to be able to bring us a step further. I hope a new generation of politicians will bring us the man (or woman) who will bring us freedom and democracy.

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

I believe any moment soon a new politician will rise and help us out of the Spanish chains that imprison Catalonia. I don't know when and how. But I still believe it will come. (For the one who does not know, the Spanish constitution does not allow Spain to be divided, the Spanish government will do anything they can to avoid Catalonia of Basque country to organize a referendum for independence).

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

I like people who speaks without loosing himself, giving strong arguments and going to the point.
Oriol Junqueras is an interesting guy, now in the European Parliament (ERC).
You can see him here:

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

Just got a message from Catalunya Acció of a lecture that will be held by Catalunya Acció and one of the things they want to speak about is the presentation of a new political party called Força Catalunya.
Santiago Espot as the head of this party.
Already the name of this party makes me think of two horrible parties. Trots op Nederland is the party formed by Rita Verdonk, a right wing liberal woman in Holland famous for her harsh immigration policy. A Horrible populist party.
Another horrible party it makes me think of is Forza Italia with Berlusconi as head of this party.
I have no doubt that the intention of Santiago Espot was to make us think of such parties. I am quite disgused by it. I do not expect anything from this party.
But I will read their programme and see who I vote next year.
ERC has proved not to do anything for the independence of Catalonia when they are in the government, they have prooved to be a sub-party of PSC-PSOE and the politics of Catalonia the past few years have brought us a process of becoming more and more integrated in a Spanish mentality rather than making any step further away from Spain. Therefore I don't think I will vote them for the next elections. We have to see whehter Carretero comes with an own party and what the characteristics are of this party. And who knows, perhaps somebody elke appears with an even better option.
We shall see.
As for Santiago Espot, we can see now what kind of a politician he wants to be. Bah!

Donyet ha dit...

Thanks for your replies.

I did notice those advertisements for Força Catalunya and agree with you regarding the negative image they are projecting. As I mentioned before, Espot seems hot-headed, and this adds a whole new demension to that. The use of imagery such as medieval knights bearing swords and cross-bearing shields has a scary xenophobic feel to it.

I'm amazed at how Catalan political parties such as this seem to gravitate towards political suicide. At least Força Catalunya is giving us a view of their real face before they gain any following. Catalunya cannot afford to have xenophobic political parties representing it.

Unfortunately political parties such as this take votes away from more progressive Catalan independence parties that could have a better chance of getting all Catalans together for a common goal.

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

On the other hand the more iniciatives there are pro-independence the better.
This means that the pro-independence feelings are growing, that people are not satisfied with the traditional political options.
Even though I don't like the creation of Força Catalunya, even though I think it's not an intelligent party, I am happy that there are more and more initiatives, from different perspectives, in different levels of understanding, in favor of the independence. I do believe that the thought of an independent Catalonia is becoming stronger, it is becoming real and more present. And the time is coming that the traditional political parties will have to be busy with this theme, whether they like it or not or lose more and more votes.
It is good that there come new winds. It will awaken the hopeless political situation of Catalonia.