dijous, 11 de febrer de 2010

Reason 20: To break with Spanish fascism: independence (III)

Unfortunately I have to add two articles concerning to reason Nr. 20 that explains that Spain still is today packed with fascists.
The newspaper ABC in Seville allows death notices of Spains' last dictators Franco and Primo de Rivera. Not only that, they allow text in them that dignifies them.
20th November 2009, on the day both dictators passed away.
Such a death notice would be banned in any other democratic country in the World.
It is not so in Spain.
Last but not least,
Just a couple of days ago, a journalist from The National Spanish TV and Cadena Ser, was present in a fascist demonstration in Madrid in honour to Azul division, a fascist military division of Franco's regime that fought next to Hitler . He sung the fascist hymn 'Cara al Sol' among other fascist songs and he often attends fascist lectures from the fascist party Falange de las J.O.N.S., the party of Franco himself.
This kind of people occupy important positions in the highest Spanish authorities and national institutions such as the National Spanish TV channel.

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Anònim ha dit...
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Candide ha dit...

Oh yeah, Spanish fascism...

Haven't I just made an entry on my blog about the issue? Catalans were always the victims, never the accomplices! What a cute legend.

You nationalists have so many old fascists in your ranks that it simply stinks. Best of all is that it's an open secret in Barcelona, yet for the sake of political expediency nobody cares. Rotten bunch.


Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

Hi Candide,
Please tell me names of old fascists between the nationalists.
By the way, I do not consider myself nationalists.
I don't care on being a nation.
I don't consider Andorra a nation and yet Andorra is an independent state.
It is not being a nation what I aim at, I aim at being an independent state, such as Andorra, therefore I am not a nationalist.

Please give me examples of this open secret and fascists who are also Catalan nationalists. I am very curious.

Candide ha dit...

sorry, miquel, for coming back so late. i lost track.

as a sort of answer to your query, i link you to my page


i DO have to admit that i should speak of opportunists rather than fully fledged fascists. i am being a wee bit polemic, sometimes...

and i have to say that i find your stand much more digestible than the invention of a catalan nation within the borders of the homonymous autonomous community. it sounds much more sincere.

however, the risks and pitfalls for any secession apply here too. while i think that you are well entitled to your ideal/aim, i must criticise the political actors, who have a lot more responsibility than a private person.