dissabte, 22 de desembre de 2007

Reason 8: Spain doesn't allow us to exist III

Again, The Spanish government is not allowing Catalonia to exist. Not only in the material world but also in the virtual world. The Spanish Congress voted with a big majority against Catalonia having an own country code for the internet. Country codes with two letters are reserved only to independent nations, they say. Therefore PSOE as well as PP are against Catalonia having the country code ".ct"
Today Catalonia has got the code ".cat" (codes with more than two characters are not reserved to independent countries).
Again a reason to vote for and support the independence of Catalonia.
If Spaniards in Madrid are deciding that we are not allowed to have an own country code (.ct) because we are not an independent country, let's become independent and we won't have to ask for permission for such futile things. Things that one by one are perhals futile, but as a whole they all enforce and form our national identity and the projection of Catalonia as a nation.
I don't want foreign people in Madrid to decide for us if we are or not allowed to have an own country code.
I want my own people, my own politicians to decide that.
If we want it, what is wrong with it?