dissabte, 26 d’agost de 2017

Reason 39: Only way to ensure a proper national security

The jihadist attacks in Catalonia have brought to light the inefficiency of not being independent and of having a state that works against the interests of the citizens of Catalonia.
The Spanish authorities continue to deny, even after the attacks, the access of the Catalan police to international information alleging lies (Spain’s vice prime minister, saying that it is Europol who decides this, which is a lie, and the minister of defence saying that only the national police have access to it, which is also a lie, since both the basque police and the Scottish police have access and they are not police corpses of national reach).
The Spanish media have also lied, saying that the CIA has already warned the police, which has been denied *. They have also lied associating the Catalan process of independence with jihadism. There is no connection what so ever.
The Spanish police knew that the Ripoll Imam who directed the attacks had a criminal past and did not notify the Catalan authorities **.
In 2015, the Catalan police discovered and reported that the Spanish national police had warned a group of jihadists that the Catalan police were following them ***
Just one month ago the Spanish government blocked to open 500 new vacancies for Catalan police.

The Spanish police hiding information and sabotaging the work of the Catalan police in favour of a terrorist group, blocking the access to international information... there is no doubt that under Spanish rule we are paying taxes for a state to work against us, putting the security of the citizens of Catalonia in danger. And it is clear that only with independence we can have a proper national security, which defends the population instead of putting it at risk.