diumenge, 26 de febrer de 2012


Every year Catalans have to witness that speaking our own language in our own country can cost us our job, can cost us delays or denials to get what we order, rejection for participation or it can even cost us our health and dignity, we can even be beaten up just to use our language. It is not easy to understand for a citizen who lives in a ‘normal country’. A British citizen would find it something unbelievable, that for speaking in English to a policeman in London, the policeman would beat him up.

This is what we Catalans in our own country have to cope with. We have to cope with a constant psychological war against us, against our identity and language in our own country, and with the threat of getting into trouble or, in the worst scenario, get beaten up by people who are supposed to protect us against criminals instead.

Four weeks ago a lawyer from Barcelona was beaten up at the airport of Barcelona for speaking Catalan. Two weeks later a policeman sued a citizen in Mallorca claiming a lack of respect for the authorities because he spoke Catalan. The list goes on and on.

I have spoken to Kurds and Berbers and I have witnessed also on TV how people from other repressed cultures and languages are being discriminated in exactly the same way. Tibet is another example, but there are hundreds more.

There is only one conclusion possible to take here: Catalans are still, after 30 years of a supposed democracy, living in a repressive system. And we are in the year 2012! The repression is perhaps not written in the law, but it is still there, in every day life. Oh, and don’t think the cop who did that has been suspended or prosecuted, Not at all! The Spanish judicial system protects these criminals so that they can carry on with their repressive and intolerant activities. And this is happening systematically, over and over again. That is Spain today.

As one can see from any country that has acquired independence, this kind of repression is solved in an instant after independence. Norwegians, Finnish people, Irish people and many other people from any country that got independence, even the Dutch know this. Spain stopped bothering the Dutch and stopped repressing its people and its ideologies (Protestantism in the XVI century in the case of The Netherlands) from the moment they became an independent state from Spain. The Spanish have proved, for hundreds of years already, to have an intolerant nature. In the year 2012 there are no signs of change or regret what so ever.
Conclusion: Only independence can solve this bitter discrimination that leads to such an unpleasant disadvantage with even the threat of being beaten up by the police.