dijous, 20 de novembre de 2008


I often say that the Spaniards are the ones who constantly give us reasons to want independence. I also often say that the Spaniards will never let us be. The multi-national Spain that some would like is be more difficult to achieve than independence.
Because independence we can get by our own will (without them wanting it) while a multi-national federal system can only be achieved with their collaboration and they will NEVER give away the power they’ve got over us voluntarily.
There are many signs that prove that the Spanish mentality in power today still is the imperialist one. A mentality that does not want to embrace the multi-cultural or multi-national reality of Spain.
Up till now there were 148 laws imposing the use of Spanish language in commerce. Only one law protects the Catalan language within the Catalan territory. But this law is not even being applied (perhaps because our politicians are afraid that by applying this law the hatred in Spain against Catalans would increase even more).
The fact is that the Spanish authorities this year have developed three new laws in order to reinforce and impose the hegemony of Spanish language in Spanish territory.
We all thought things would get better with democracy, but in the ‘democratic’ Spain of today this mentality hasn’t changed much. In fact the linguistic laws are pretty much the same as in times of the dictator. Everything must be in Spanish language. The other languages are not taken in consideration.
This mentality is causing a lot of trouble to develop a normal life in Catalan language; this attitude is a constant threat that is slowly bringing our mother tongue to extinction. I don’t have to say that the only and best way to get rid of this mentality is independence.

The three new laws are:
Reial Decret 1079/2008, 27 June to ensure labels in Spanish language on ham
Reial Decret 1644/2008, 10 October to ensure labels and instructions in Spanish language on machines
Reial Decret 1246/2008, 18 July to ensure that all official documents for products for veterinarians are in Spanish.

The original article on the two new laws for the Spanish language is here (Catalan only):

dimarts, 11 de novembre de 2008


Sometimes it is foreigners who open our eyes to see something we did not see of our own country. Mathew Tree is an English writer who lives and writes in Catalan language. In his blog he wrote why Apple computers still today have nothing at all in Catalan language, while a market of 9 million inhabitants is certainly big enough to take in consideration.
The reason lies in one man: the general director of Apple in Spain. This man seems to be a right wing Spanish nationalist dictator, who uses his power to impose the Spanish language to the Catalan market and blocks any developments for the Catalan language. 9 million of potential Catalan clients must switch to Spanish if they want to use a Mac. A Catalan version of the operating system is, just because of his will, blocked!
One man with the evil power to boycott the Catalan language. As you probably know this is not the only man who wants to force Catalan citizens to switch to another language than their mother tongue to purchase and use products.
Cars, computer games, chat boxes, shower gel, or even condoms. In fact the big majority of products are still not available in Catalan. For almost everything one must switch to this beautiful language that was never imposed upon us (as the Spanish king said).
Dear readers, as you know the solution I propose against this cultural torture that has been going on (and still is!) for hundreds of years is independence.
No Spanish nationalist will be ever have a chance of damaging our culture and our language from day 1 of our independence. No Spanish dictators will make a chance of forcing us to live in their language. And believe me, they won’t ever stop. They haven’t ever stopped since 1714 and they never will.
Independence is our only salvation.
Read here his article (in Catalan):