diumenge, 3 d’agost de 2008


Over the last decades Spain has justified the robbery of 18 billion euros a year from Catalonia ‘to equally distribute social wealth in Spain’.
There is a Spanish refrain that says: the one who distributes is the ones who gets the biggest part. And indeed, the Spaniards are the ones who distribute the tax money in Spain (with the exception of Basque country) and what they didn’t tell us the past decades is that the purely Spanish speaking regions of Spain were getting indeed the biggest part.

Not at all equally distributed!
As a result of the robbery they are forcing us into, which they call ‘solidarity’, Spanish communities in Spain enjoy:
More doctors per inhabitant than Catalonia
Patients can count on more free treatments than Catalan patients (through the social health system), for example free dentists for children
Doctors in Spanish regions have a higher salaries than in doctors in Catalonia,
Smaller waiting lists for operations,
More schools
More computers per student
More freeways,
Cheaper railroad tickets (for the same distances) than in Catalonia,
More underground,
More scholarships for students,
The fact is that Catalonia has the lowest rate of civil servants per employee, just 9,8% of the Catalan employees are civil servants, while in Extremadura 28,7% of workers are civil servants.
This explains why in Catalonia doctors are working to their limits, while they earn less than doctors elsewhere in Spain.

On top of this, the last years many matters are now competence of the autonomous governments. But this hasn’t lead to a reduction of civil servants in Madrid. So, what do these civil servants do nowadays? Well, golf, tennis, having lunch all day I suppose. Because basically they have nothing to do!

Do you recognize here the stereotypes of the ‘lazy Spaniard’ and the ‘Catalan workoholic’? I am sorry to say so but I do. I wish it wasn’t like this.

In Catalonia we are given the left overs, while we pay more than anybody else.
This situation is resulting in a poorer Catalonia. Catalonia is loosing wealth. It is becomming poorer, while Spain is getting richer (purely by stealing our money and taking political action clearly against the development of Catalonia, such as with the Catalan airports, harbour of Barcelona or the industrial railroad from the harbour of Barcelona to Europe that never came).

My partner always says to me: why don’t the Catalan politicians go to the European Union and complain? Could the Catalan politicians complain at the European Parliament or somewhere else about this discrimination?

I just would like to ask all Catalans to be well informed about what Spain is doing to us.
I would like to make clear to all Catalans that as long as Catalonia is part of Spain we will be in a dificult situation, we will be daily attacked in this subtle way, we will loose wealth, loose the ability to grow and develop, we will loose culture and language.
Spain is killing us, and we are allowing this to happen!
Catalans wake up!
Catalans: let’s not be the donkeys of Spain!
Independence is the only way out.

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