dijous, 5 de març de 2009


According to Xarxanet.com, in 2007 Catalans paid 40 million euros of IRPF-tax for social purposes (for ONG’s). Only 13 came back to Catalonia.
According to Cercle d’Estudis Sobiranistes, in 2008 we paid 47 million euros and only 17 came back. The rest was given to Spanish ONG’s.

But this is not enough: The Spanish government is preparing a new law that will exclude any ONG that is not operating in the whole Spanish territory from this subsidies. If this law goes through SPANISH ONG’s WILL GET ALL THE MONEY, CATALAN ONG'S WILL GET NOTHING.
The Catalan government hasn’t got any power of decision to stop this and can only complain to the Spanish one, who has all power of decision. The Spanish government might not go on with it. Whether this new law goes on or not Catalan ONG’s are and will be in disadvantage.

Spain has impeded our development ever since they took our sovereignty from us in 1714. Nothing makes me think this attitude will ever change. They are constantly seeking for ways to unify Spain, to break us into smaller parts, so that we can be more easily assimilated, to weaken us, so that we don’t speak, and Catalan ONG’s obviously are another way of doing this. I can imagine if Catalan ONG’s have no money they can do very little. And I can imagine this is a very easy way to exclude any ONG that fights for Catalonia without having to mention a word about it. Spanish nationalists are getting smarter by the day.

Whether this new law goes on or not, the independence of Catalonia is the only way to guarantee Catalan ONG’s to get financial support for the present and the future.
Source (in Catalan only): http://www.xarxanet.org/xarxanet/novetatsDetall.xarxanet?nov_novetatId=187307