dijous, 9 d’agost de 2007

Reason 1: only independent cultures are taken into account

In Catalonia not one car brand sells its products in Catalan language. And that, while Catalan is the 9th most spoken language in Europe. I found out that neither the only car brand in Spain (SEAT) writes to its Catalan costumers in their own language. I sent an e-mail asking them Catalan information. They told me that SEAT means Spanish Society for Automobiles. And therefore they only sold their cars in Spanish language. Not in Catalan.

SEAT says no to Catalan costumers in Spain. If we go to their web site we will only find information in a language that is not ours. But then I thought: what do they do in Andorra?

I went to the SEAT web site and discovered that for an independent country with only 70.000 inhabitants they do have a Catalan web site. In Spain, where there 18% of the population speak Catalan at home (± 10 million inhabitants) they don’t!

The conclusion is simple: If we want to be taken into account by companies Catalonia will have to be an sovereign country.

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Sharky ha dit...
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AOG ha dit...

SEAT belongs to Volkswagen not Spain. If they choose not to advertise in Spanish, call Germany and complain.

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

I know SEAT belongs to Volkswagen.
I already did complain to them.
They told me to contact SEAT.
But thank you for your tip.

Anònim ha dit...

It was not a tip, it was just an observation on your comments. I don't understand why you choose to extend your views on the supposed designs of Spain on Catalonia to companies over which the Government of Spain has no control.In any case, many companies choose the language they advertise on. Many companies in Spain advertise in English and ignore Spanish altogether. Do you think they are also trying to destroy Catalonia's culture?

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

Well, you are wrong.
The government does have the ability to control this kind of things.
In small countries it is the Law that forces companies to respect all languages. Such as in Belgium or Switzerland.

AOG ha dit...

Well no, in fact you are wrong, in Spain, which is a liberal democracy, the Government does not pass a law to force companies to use a particular language.

Bevingut a Espanya! They have laws to protect all the languages of Spain. It is in Spain's 1978 Constitution.

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

Please tell me more about how the Spanish Law protects all the languages of Spain.

Narciso ha dit...