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Reason 34: Only way to create 200.000 vacancies in 24 hours and reduce unemployment in Catalonia by a third

One of the reasons I have vaguely spoken in this collection of reasons is labour. But up till now I hadn’t figured the way of counting how many jobs we miss in Catalonia as a result of not having an own state. Finally I have. The result is astonishing. We Catalans are so full that we are paying 200.000 Spaniards in Madrid to let them do our public duties proper of an independent state. We pay them to let them abolish our laws, we pay them so that they can barricade our access to the global world, we pay them so that they can bar the access of our culture and language to the international arena’s, we pay them so that they can prosecute Catalans and defend fascists, and we pay them to let them interfere in our Catalan domestic affairs such as education. From the day Catalonia becomes a European State we can stop giving these jobs to these Spaniards and create 400.000 vacancies in our own country in order to manage our own Ministries, our courts (that will finally defend Catalans instead of prosecuting them), our constitutional court, our immigration police and other institutions, our intelligence and our army, our passport services, our inspectors and advisors, our infrastructure specialists and institutions, our railroads, intercontinental airports and harbours, our institutions to promote Catalan language and culture around the world, our politicians in Europe, ambassadors, consulates, translators and interpreters and we are not even talking of all the private business that comes with it. We are talking, with investing 0 euro’s, spending as much as we are spanding today of decreasing the unemployment rate by a third!! (Unemployment of Catalonia today is 638.247, march 2012 ). All over the world we will need Catalan staff for embassies and consulates, we will need translators and interpreters, and by allowing intercontinental flights we will be able to multiply by 4 cargo commerce by air and also increase cargo commerce by ship from and to Barcelona. How many jobs shall bring a Catalan air company if Iberia does not steal all our intercontinental flights as they do now? We are speaking of thousands of jobs. Catalonia lives under an intercontinental embargo from Spain, that only allows some insignificant intercontinental flights from and to Barcelona. As a matter of fact, Spain has forbidden through more than 150 contracts to fly intercontinental from or to Barcelona. -- The way I counted this: Catalonia has got 3,4 million workers, of which 302 thousand are public jobs. This is 8,9%. The average level in Spain is 13,8 %. In Spain there are 19 million workers of which 2,6 million are public jobs. If the new Catalan state would have the same percentage of public jobs (which is not much for an independent state) we are paying 500.000 public jobs but only 300.000 of these jobs are in Catalonia. This means that with the Catalan state we can have this million jobs within the borders of our state, that is 200.000 extra people, working to develop Catalonia, instead of working against us.
In this graphic you can see that Spain does not have a high number of public jobs. This is due to the low level of welfare state. The countries that have the highest levels of welfare states have the highest percentage of public jobs. In this graphic you see the UK, has dramatically reduced the amount of public jobs (due to privatization), Holland and Germany a bit. Spain has increased the amount of public jobs. (Source: THE SIZE AND PERFORMANCE OF PUBLIC SECTOR ACTIVITIES IN EUROPE, Heinz Handler, Bertrand Koebel, Philipp Reis en Margrit Schartzenstaller). Sources: http://www.idescat.cat/territ/BasicTerr?TC=5&V0=3&V1=3&V3=1456&V4=1487&ALLINFO=TRUE&PARENT=25&CTX=B http://analisiocupaciopublica.gencat.cat/default.aspx http://servicios.mpr.es/publicaciones/ http://www10.gencat.cat/gencat/AppJava/cat/actualitat2/2012/20403aturdelmarde2012.jsp

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Anònim ha dit...

Hi Miquel, good work with the blog. I had been thinking about the need for blogs like this, which let people outside of Spain know about what is going on here in Catalonia, and why we are thinking about independence as the only way out. So I am happy to see there are already a few blogs like this, I will sure be checking back. By the way, is this open to collaborations? If so I have a few ideas for additional reasons myself :). Cheers.

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

Do you have new reasons?
YES it certainly is open for collaboration. Can you write also in Catalan language? This blog is also in Catalan language. If not, I can make the Catalan translation of your article. Send me a message at marzabalgalano@gmail.com
Best regards.

Mathew Barton ha dit...

Hello Miquel. We are friends on Facebook, but I just wanted to congratulate here for this blog. Fantastic work! I will try and make the effort to contribute with a reason.
Take care, and please keep going. Visca Catalunya!

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

Hi Mathew,
Of course, I know we are friends on FB.
Thank you for your support.
If you have got an idea let me know!
Best regards,

Anònim ha dit...

Hi again, sure I speak Catalan too so no problem there, looking forward to send you a collaboration. Take care!

Miquel Marzabal Galano ha dit...

I would like to remind all readers of my blog, that my blog is not about me as a person, it is ONLY about arguments for a Catalan state.
Do you have arguments against?
Please, expose the arguments.
Do you NOT have any arguments against?
Then your messages shall be deleted and not published.